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Can You Wear Contacts with Dry Eyes?

Can You Wear Contacts with Dry Eyes?

Contact lenses are the most common choice for people who don’t want to wear optical or want colored eyes. Mostly, people use it to correct their vision so they can see things clearly. If you’re planning to wear contact lenses, you might wonder, can you wear contacts with dry eyes? Yes, you can.  

Contact lenses can be worn with dry eyes, but you must buy specific lenses that maintain the hydration of the eyes. There are different types of lenses that are best for dry eyes. You can wear contact lenses, but it can be challenging. You have to take extra care of your eyes.  

In this blog, you’ll learn which contact lenses are best for dry eyes and some essential tips to wear contact lenses smoothly. 

Symptoms Of Dry Eyes 

To know about contact lenses, it is essential to know the symptoms that indicate that you have dry eyes. Eyes get dehydrated when it doesn’t produce enough tears for lubrication. Below are the signs that you may experience with dry eyes.  

  • Redness 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Irritation in eyes 
  • Burning sensation 
  • Pain  
  • Teary eyes  

Contact Lenses Suitable for Dry Eyes 

After reading the symptoms, if you feel your eyes are dry, you should avoid using standard contact lenses and shift to soft contact lenses. The material used in soft lenses are made up of soft silicone-hydrogel. Silicon-hydrogel lenses help to pass moisture and oxygen to the eye. Additionally, the hydrogel in the lenses will provide enough water to the eye, which will keep the eye hydrated.  

With premium quality soft lenses, you can reduce the chances of dry eyes and wear them for a long time.  

Soft lenses are available in the market for daily, weekly, and monthly use. You can choose any that suits your routine and keep your eyes healthy. Using one contact lenses for a limited time will help you avoid any reaction to contact lenses.  

Moreover, you have another option, which is hard lenses. Hard lenses are made up of permeable gas that can be used for a long time. These are made up of rigid gas permeable, which allows moisture to pass to the eye.  Hard lenses may need some time to adjust, but after some time, it can be used for a long time.  

Can You Wear Contacts with Dry Eyes?

How To Take Care of Contact Lenses with Eye Dryness?  

To wear contact lenses without any discomfort or eye reaction, you should take extra care of your eyes. Below are some of the best practices many optometrists recommend.  

Wash your Hands Before Applying Contacts  

The most important thing you must do before touching contact lenses is wash your hands. Make sure they are completely clean and dry. Without washing hands, an infection can transfer infection that can cause irritation in your eyes. Thus, wash your hands and use a gentle towel to dry your hands.  

Use Lenses within the Directed Wear Time  

It is important to use lenses within the directed time to avoid any potential damage to your eyes. Don’t wait for lenses to show you symptoms to dispose of them. Using a fresh pair of lenses keeps your eyes safe and reduces the risk of dry eyes.  

When a person uses lenses for extended wear time, the lenses will create dryness in the eye and may cause different eye infections.  

Don’t Sleep in Contact Lenses  

Can You Wear Contacts with Dry Eyes?

It would be best to remove your contact lenses before sleeping to avoid any high damage to your eye. Sleeping in your contact lenses can cause infection in the cornea and damage the surface of the eye.  

Before wearing contact lenses, it is always better to consult with an eye specialist. At Vision Gallery, there are experienced eye specialists who thoroughly examine their patients and provide the best treatment for the eyes.  

The Bottom Line 

With dry eyes you can wear contact lenses. To keep your eye safe from any risk, it is always better to consult and know which type of contact lens suits your eyes. To book an appointment, call us at 281-377-0219

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