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5 Most Common Eye Diseases

5 Most Common Eye Diseases

The eye area is the sensitive part of the body that can hit problems at any time. Some people experience it with age, and some may develop it as a medical condition. If you’re experiencing issues in your eye, any medical condition is an indication to seek medical help. Seeking medical help keeps your eye healthy for a longer time and fixes the problem at the start to avoid any further damage to the eye.  

There are multiple eye diseases that have been cured, and some may not have. If you’re experiencing any eye issue, it is essential to know the most common eye diseases that most people can experience. 

Dry Eyes 

Dry eyes take place when there is a lack in the volume and quality of moisture on that varying surface. This can lead to discomfort, redness, a gritty sensation, and impaired vision. Causes, including age, environment, and medications, can lead to dry eyes. Dry eyes are a common disease that results because of dehydration, reactions, and exposure to chemicals.  Artificial tears available over the counter, prescription drugs, and lifestyle adjustments can all ease discomfort. In severe cases, minor procedures may provide relief from dry eye syndrome symptoms. But in severe eye dryness you may need eye disease management by an eye specialist.  

5 Most Common Eye Diseases

Diabetic Retinopathy  

Diabetes is a disease that can cause damage to the blood vessels in which retinopathy may develop. They can leak or become blocked if the blood sugar level is too high. Diabetic retinopathy may not have symptoms in its early stages but can produce serious vision problems, even blindness. People with diabetes mostly experience this condition that damages the eye. The risk can be managed by controlling blood sugar and blood pressure. 

Regular medical treatment, control of blood sugar levels, and regular eye examinations are all essential parts of controlling diabetes. In order to prevent or lessen the effects of diabetic retinopathy, doctors recommend laser treatment and injections into the eye.  


Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that takes place because of Increased intracranial pressure, which causes damage to the optic nerve. This group of eye disorders is all caused by high intraocular pressure. Untreated glaucoma often results in progressive vision loss, leading to blindness. Glaucoma can be threatening, but for those who have the disease, regular eye exams allow them to keep their condition under control with medicine or surgery. 


Among eye disorders, cataracts are the most common and occur mostly in older people. It is the result of a clouding within an eye’s natural lens, which leads to blurred or hazy vision. Those with cataracts find it hard to see clearly, and blurred vision makes daily tasks like reading or driving difficult. 

With the help of surgery, it can be treatable. A regular eye examination can help in detecting it in the start and cure it before it becomes damaging. You can trust Vision Gallery, which provides complete examination and eye disease management for an eye examination.  

However, it can take place at any age with no early symptoms, and some people have it at birth. There are multiple treatments available according to different conditions and severity of cataracts.  

Refractive Errors  

Refractive errors are the most common eye problem in the U.S. Refractive errors include near-sightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hypermetropia). It is the distortion of vision at both far and short distances due to astigmatism. Additionally, the loss of ability after age 40 –50 years to bring objects to see things clearly. The cure for this eye disease is to wear prescribed eyeglasses, contact lenses, or Lasik surgery.  

The Bottom Line  

To maintain excellent health of your eyes it is essential for you to know common eye diseases so you can protect your eyes. With the help of regular eye examinations, you can keep track of your eye health and treat any medical condition in its initial stage. An eye specialist will completely diagnose your eye with advanced equipment to diagnose the cause of the disease. To book your eye examination, you can call us at 281-377-0219

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