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How does screen time affect vision?

How Does Screen Time Affect Vision?

Because of the advancement of technology, people are deeply connected with electronic devices. Now, people spend most of their time on laptops, computers, and especially mobile phones. People of all ages prefer using mobile phones to stay connected with the world and to do their daily chores.  

People love spending their time on screen, and most of the people have realized that they spend a lot of time on the screen, which is impacting their eyes. The eyes are completely impacted when a person spends most of their time on screen for work, entertainment, socialization, or studies. Therefore, if you or your loved one spends lots of time on screen, it is important for you to learn how screen time affects vision.  

Effects of Excessive Screen Time  

Spending a lot of time on screen can result in multiple eye problems. The eyes are one of the essential parts of the body that should be healthy to see things. With the movement of the screen and different types of lights, it may put pressure on the eyes to focus more on things. Excessive use of screen time can have lasting effects on the vision that result in the following problem. 

Eye Fatigue  

Asthenopia is the clinical term for what most people refer to as “eye fatigue,” whereby an individual develops eye pain, vision goes cloudy around the edges, or one might experience a headache. Asthenopia may be due to the overuse of one’s eye, such as while spending too much time in focusing on a computer monitor. Any glare on the screen further enhances eye strain. Your eyes feel tired when the person uses a mobile phone for a long time. 

For one who is experiencing eye fatigue, complaints of having headaches, sore or tired eyes can be witnessed. This may make them lose interest in tasks like reading. This brings us to another problem; kids become so engrossed in what they are viewing on their screens. Prolonged close-focus attention thus further contributes to fatigue. In kids, they experience less focus on things that badly affect their vision at a young age. Therefore, if you or your kids are using your phone excessively, it is essential to reduce screen time. 

Dry Eyes  

The eyes can also become dry and irritated during the use of screens for long periods. Studies have demonstrated that human beings of all age groups blink significantly less than they should when staring at a screen, which leads to their eyes drying out. A clear and steady tear film on the surface of an eye is necessary to see clearly. This may be an even worse problem for children since the material they see can have to be looked up on a screen placed for adult use.  

To save your eyes from lots of screen time, make sure you use the phone less by doing the task in other ways. Dry eyes are becoming increasingly popular among children and adults, which results in further infections and allergic reactions. If you’re experiencing dryness, it is essential to seek a doctor so he can conduct comprehensive eye exams

How Does Screen Time Affect Vision?

Loss of Concentration 

If you or your children are having trouble focusing on things, it is because you are spending more time on screen. Adjusting to distance vision may be hard if a person’s eyes remain concentrated close-up for a long time. Generally, that’s a short-term problem, and eyes regain their normal flexibility. 

But if you leave this issue untreated, it can complicate the issue and it can strongly affect the vision. To protect your vision, it is essential that you can properly focus on things and your eyes don’t have to bear the pressure of focusing.  

Adjusting to distance vision may be hard if children’s eyes remain concentrated close-up for a long time. Generally, that’s a short-term problem, and eyes regain their normal flexibility.


Kids who are on screens usually spend their time indoors. Natural daylight is critical in developing eyes. Thus, it is important to spend some time outdoors. Children and adults must have plenty of time spent playing outdoors for their wellbeing, and also, it’s the best thing for the eyes.  

Research has shown that children who stay indoors for long periods have higher risks of developing nearsightedness and myopia. Researchers are still studying the very process, but they are sure that UV light has a significant role in healthy eye development. Kids are experiencing more issues of nearsightedness because they love to spend their time on screen. To save your kids from myopia, it is essential to limit their screen time.  

Affect Child Development  

Using screen time can strongly impact the development of children. Before giving mobile phones and laptops to your kids, it is crucial to know how excessive use of mobile phones can affect their development.  

With time, the screen time of children increases, which can create different vision problems for them. Not only developmental but emotional issues that can become big after some time. According to research, with excessive screen time, children experience anxiety and depression that affect their cognitive ability. Thus, if you want to enhance the development of your loved one, it is essential to restrict screen time for a specific duration.  

Moreover, if you want to know the health of your eye, it is essential to get a thorough eye examination at Vision Gallery

The Bottom Line  

Excessive screen time use can strongly affect your eye health and result in multiple eye issues. It is essential to take some precautionary measures to save yourself from harm caused by screen time. It will not only protect your eyes but maintain clear vision. For a thorough eye examination, you can call us at 281-377-0219 to book your appointment today.

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