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How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Work

How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Work

With the increased screen time, almost everyone is complaining about eye diseases. People experience discomfort and different eye issues that lead them to stress. The continuous use of laptops and other electronic devices makes the eyes focus more, resulting in various eye diseases. If you suffer eye issues after working hours, there is a higher chance that it results from excessive screen time use. But it is part of your job; you can’t reduce it. But you can keep your eyes healthy by following some tips. In this blog, you’ll learn how to keep your eyes healthy at work by following some tips. 

Keep the laptop Or Electronic Device at the Specified Distance

Some individuals are in the habit of holding the devices near the eyes of the end user. These individuals are often part of a high-risk group for eye ailments, especially when the situation is compounded by the lengthy hours they spend at work. So, ensure the laptop is placed at a safe distance from your body. For this reason, you should ensure that the screen is positioned at the proper distance from your eyes. The screen you are looking at is at least two arm’s length (25 inches) away and slightly lower than where you are sitting. 

Change your Display Angle and Screen Brightness

The screen placement, which at first might seem insignificant, is more important than you could imagine. It is a crucial element that makes the difference between your eyes feeling fatigued or well-rested after a long day on the job. Move the screen to an appropriate position and adjust its brightness so that you can work on the system without any straining or excessive focusing. But if you suffer from eye weakness, you should get medical help.

Aim to work in natural light wherever possible. Please do so if you can work in natural light rather than LED or tube lights. When the sun enters your room through windows and doors, your eyes relax. It still helps you to avoid sitting all day long.

Give Your Eyes Rest By Giving It Breaks 

The most essential is for the home workers to be aware of the limits and to take regular breaks throughout the day. This is the most helpful advice many people ignore because they are always closed in their work schedules. However, it is better to take your eyes away from the screen at least for 5 straight minutes every hour. The latter equally helps you improve your attention span and productivity.

Practice Eye Exercises

Every 24 hours, make sure you do some eye exercises and set aside some time to rest your eyes. Your eyes, like muscles, need exercise and work out regularly to be kept strong and healthy. Two-Ten-Ten (20-20-20) is a simple exercise you can do anywhere when working from home. During each 20 minutes of screen time, look at any object that is 20 feet away from you every 20 seconds and then again concentrate on the screen.

Get an Eye Test

Regular comprehensive eye exams are vital for the employee’s eyesight protection and health. As a rule, an average person should do it at least every few months and see an optician or a health professional in case of any changes in vision or other problems.

Don’t Forget to Blink

You get a wink every four seconds, but some research suggests that it is reduced to less than one-third when you work with digital screens. Try to blink as often as possible, which helps your eyes stay lubricated, preventing them from becoming dry and irritated.

Use Bigger Fonts

The size of the fonts on your laptop or workstation computer could sometimes make you feel that your eyes are exhausted. The smaller the font, the more the eyes are in danger. This is because small fonts require intense focus as they are read, which cannot be suitable for your eyes. In so doing, read a large document and try to adjust the screen font.

Ensure Proper Lighting at Your Workplace

When sunlight shines directly into our eyes, the glare produces eye strain. Glare on the computer screen is because the light comes from the overhead light or the windows, usually on the side or computer screen. Make sure that the screen of your computer/laptop is positioned to avoid glare, and if it is dark, use drapes or blinds on the windows.

How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Work

Stay Hydrated

Appropriate water consumption is crucial for maintaining your body’s health in general and your eyes in particular. Drinking enough water will help your eyes stay moisturized and prevent them from becoming dry and irritated.

Eat Well

Last but not least, you need to eat well to maintain good health.  A good eyesight is preserved from the food on your plate. The eye needs nutrients to fight age-related vision problems including omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins C and E. To get them, fill your plate with: To get them, fill your plate with:

  • Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and other fiber-enriched vegetables are good for eye health
  • Salmon, tuna, and many other oily fish is the fatty fish.
  • Consumption of eggs, nuts, beans, and other non-animal protein sources.
  • Oranges and other citrus fruits or juice containing vitamin C  may also have similar effects.

A good diet is not only helpful to stay at a good weight, but it also helps you maintain your weight. That is not only the prevention of obesity and other related diseases that can cause blindness in adults. If you want to enhance your eye health, it is always better to consult an eye specialist. Eye specialists at Vision Gallery will thoroughly examine your eye condition and prescribe the right solution. 

Keep Your Eyes Healthy With The Assistance of Vision Gallery

If you want to keep your eyes healthy while working for hours in your workplace, you must get a complete consultation with an eye specialist. An eye specialist will examine your eye condition, suggest the right solution, and help you keep your vision good with the right opticals, medications, and tips. So, call us today at 281-377-0219 to book an appointment.

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