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How to Use Contact Lenses: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Use Contact Lenses: A Beginner’s Guide

Wearing contact lenses is a convenient option for people who don’t want to wear glasses. Many people panic while using contact lenses because they don’t know how to use contact lenses. If you have bought or are thinking of buying contact lenses, this question is obvious. Contact lenses are a good option but they need proper care to use them for a longer time with no side effects. It may not be easy to shift to contact lenses from eyeglasses. But with time and proper care, your eyes will get used to it and you can enjoy a life free from Opticals. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to put in and put out the lenses like a pro.  

How to Put Your Contact Lenses In? 

The first thing you need to understand is how to put contacts in your eyes. Below are the steps you must know. 

  • You should start washing your hands before putting lenses on. Wash them with soap and dry them with a clean towel or cloth.  
  • Open the right eye contact lens so you don’t mix the right and left lenses. 
  • Take your finger, put one lens on your fingertip, and slide it on your palm to wash it with contact solution.  
  • Place the lens on the fingertip to put in your eyes.  
  • Check carefully that your lens is not damaged, or it is on the right side. If the lens looks like a bowl, it means it’s inside out. Try to flip the lens on the right side.  
  • Hold your upper eyelid from another hand and lower eyelid from the dominant hand. 
  • Stand in front of the mirror to see if you are placing the lens correctly.  
  • Try to look straight and place the lens on your eye. 
  • When you feel that your lens is fixed on your eyes, you can close your eyes slowly for a few seconds.  
  • After applying make sure your eyes are comfortable and you are seeing things.  
  • If you feel any type of irritation, blurred vision, or any issue, take it out, wash it again with a solution, and try the process again.  
  • If you put in the lens successfully you can repeat it with another eye. 

How to Remove Contact Lenses from Eyes 

After using your contact lenses, make sure to remove them whether they are extended lenses or daily ones. Below are the steps to remove lenses from the eye.  

  • Before taking contact lenses off make sure to wash your hand and dry it with a towel. 
  • To remove the lens, use the middle finger of your other hand and hold the upper lid.  
  • Open your lower eyelid from the other finger. 
  • After opening your eye, pinch the lens from your eye and try to take it out.  
  • If you fail to do this, you can drag the lens downward and then pinch the lens to take it out. 
  • Repeat the same procedure with your other eye.  

How to Clean and Store Your Contact Lenses Safely?  

To clean your contact lenses you can use a cleaning solution. Cleaning solution comes in two types: 

  1. Hydrogen peroxide Solution: To clean your lenses you can use hydrogen peroxide solution if your eyes are sensitive, or you have any allergies from chemicals. This solution is very gentle on the eye and best for using it for a long time. But you need to do an extra task, you have to add the neutralizing disk to make the solution liquid that does not stick to your eyes. 
  2. Multipurpose Solution: These solutions are very common to clean lenses and provide moisture to them for a long time. If you want something for daily use for your hard or soft lenses this solution is great for cleaning and storing your lenses.  

However, it is not safe to use tap water saliva, or any other drops to clean your contact lenses. They can cause any allergic reaction to your eye. Thus, always clean the lens from the recommended solution.  

What to Do If You Feel Uncomfortable in Contact Lenses? 

If you have used lenses and you feel uncomfortable in them. What’s next? According to eye care doctors, they stated that eyes take some days to get used to contact lenses. But a person who is wearing contact lenses for the first time doesn’t know if their eyes are getting used to it or if it is an allergic reaction. To know the reason you should get a contact lens exam.

On the first try, contact lenses may feel uncomfortable, dry, watery eyes, or blurred vision. Sometimes, the lens irritates, in this case, blink your eyes for few times or use any eye drops. If the problem is resolved, then it’s good but if still making your eyes uncomfortable make sure to consider the following tips: 

Stay Calm and Patient 

If your eyes are uncomfortable don’t panic. After knowing how to use contact lenses it takes time to practice. You are new to contact lenses, and that’s why your eyes feel irritated for a few days. It will take some days to practice wearing contact lenses and for your eyes to adjust to contact lenses. When you get used to it, it will take seconds to put in or take out the contact lenses. 

Set Reminders for Your Contact Lenses 

If you feel you will forget to remove or clean your lenses, you can set a reminder. Reminders will make your routine to remove and clean your contacts at night. In this way, you can take care of your lenses and it will be more comfortable for your eyes.  

 Stop Forcing Your Eyes 

If you are having trouble wearing lenses, don’t force your eyes. Give your eyes a break. Forcing eyes to put in lenses will irritate them and cause any infection. If you feel your eyes are not okay with lenses, remove your contact and give rest to your eyes for a while. When you feel your eyes are feeling better, you can give it another try. But make sure to clean your contacts before reusing them.  

Set Separate Time for Contact Lenses 

If you want to apply lenses daily, set a routine where you can give extra time for wearing contact lenses. This way you’ll not panic and easily wear lenses. You’ll not feel the pressure of getting ready in a hurry and you can give enough time to every step of applying lenses.  

Follow the Doctor’s Instruction 

Before using any contact lenses, ensure that you are following all the instructions of your doctor. The doctor has given you a recommendation based on your prescription and lifestyle. So do follow them to avoid any issues in wearing contacts. If you still have any questions, Vision Gallery is here to help you. 

How to Use Contact Lenses: A Beginner’s Guide


When To See an Eye Care Professional?  

If you face a problem with your contact lenses for a long time, then don’t delay in consulting your doctor. Sometimes lens doesn’t fit well in the eyes. In this situation, take out your contact lenses and contact your doctor if you experience any of the following: 

  • Blurry vision 
  • Sensitivity to lights 
  • Redness in eyes 
  • Excessive watery eyes 
  • Pain 

Contact Lenses and Makeup 

Getting makeup in your eyes is irritating but it becomes worse when you are wearing contact lenses. The reason for irritation is that makeup gets stuck with the lenses and creates irritation. If you want to avoid any issues, make it a habit to wash your hands before applying the lens. Make sure you apply lenses before using any cosmetics on your face.  


Applying contact lenses is a great way to clear the vision without wearing glasses. For a beginner, it can be a little difficult to wear contact lenses but with practice, you will get used to it. If you still face any issues, contact us at 281-393-4073 to schedule your appointment.

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