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How Many Different Types of Contact Lenses Are There?

How Many Different Types of Contact Lenses Are There?

Do you want to see the world clearly without glasses? It is time to give it a try to contact lenses. Contact lenses are small and invisible things that help to clear your vision. It changes the way you see the world. If you haven’t tried this, you might be thinking how many different types of contact lenses there are.  

There are many types of lenses in the market that are designed to meet the vision requirements of people. You can choose any contact lenses after consultation and keep your lifestyle in mind. Contact lenses are a great choice for people who don’t want to use Opticals. It is available in transparent and in various colors that will go with your requirements.  

To guide you, I have mentioned common types of contact lenses that you can choose according to your requirements.  

Soft Lenses 

Soft lenses are the most common type of lenses. These lenses are made of soft plastic to cover the cornea of the eye. Most lenses are made up of silicone hydrogel that allows them to pass more oxygen to the eye. With more oxygen, your eyes don’t face any dehydration and makes them look fresh. If you have any allergy issues with silicone hydrogel or with any plastic, make sure to get a contact lens exam before buying. Soft lenses are made of water gel plastic that makes them comfortable to wear. That is the reason for its popularity.  

Hard Contact Lenses 

Hard contact lenses are another common type that are made of rigid gas permeable. These provide excellent vision compared to other lenses and it is perfect for those who have high prescription. Moreover, the best thing about hard contact lenses is they can be used for a long time. For a new person adopting hard lenses can take a few days. But after a few days, the eyes will be comfortable with hard lenses. 

Moreover, it requires adaptation in the fitting process because of precise specifications. Mostly people who use hard lenses have complicated prescriptions that need something hard to customize. However such lenses allow oxygen to pass to provide comfort to the eyes. Hard lenses have sharper vision than soft ones which is the reason they need to be adjusted in the eyes. But once your eyes get used to it, it is beneficial for your vision.  

Disposable Contact Lenses 

If you want the healthiest option for your eyes, disposable contact lenses are for you. Disposable lenses are daily contacts that need to be changed every day. You have to wear different lenses every day. The benefit it provides is that you don’t have to clean them, just wear them and then dispose of them.  

Furthermore, if you want to wear lenses on different occasions only, this option is for you. You can use it for one day without worrying about protein deposits. 

Weekly Contact Lenses 

If you want lenses for a few days, weekly contact lenses in a great option. Weekly lenses need night cleaning to wear them daily. The duration of these lenses is a week. After a week you have to dispose of them and buy new ones. These lenses are comfortable and affordable if you want lenses just for a week. If you want to give contact lenses a try, you can choose weekly contact lenses that are also available at affordable prices.  

How Many Different Types of Contact Lenses Are There?

Monthly Contact Lenses 

Monthly contact lenses are a type of lens that can be worn for up to 30 days. If you want something for a month to give a change, you can choose monthly contacts. In this way, you can try different varieties of lenses every month in different colors. These lenses are very popular and easily available at many brands. 

Extended Contact Lenses  

If you want to wear lenses overnight, you can use extended contacts after consultation with your doctor. Using lenses overnight needs the approval of your doctor. Lenses come in different brands and some claim that lenses can be worn for many days consecutively. Talk to your talk and ask if your eyes are healthy enough to use lenses for a long time. It is always better to remove lenses at night before sleeping. But if you want to wear it overnight you can use extended contact lenses with the approval of an eye professional.  

Extended contact lenses need proper care and hygiene to use for a long time. Discuss the usage duration of the lenses and dispose of them after the estimated date.  

Spherical Lenses  

There are different types of contact lenses the most common lenses used all over the world are spherical contacts that are designed to correct near-sightedness and far-sightedness. People with little astigmatism in the prescription can use it easily. It depends on the CYL number in the glasses prescription. If it is less than 0.75 then you won’t see this section in your prescription.  

Toric Contact Lenses 

Toric contact is designed to correct the astigmatism in an individual’s prescription. It is used when a person’s cornea is not spherical but almond-shaped. The almond-shaped cornea is covered with Toric contact lenses. Toric contacts have the corrective power that changes in the lens. In your prescription, you may see CYL numbers and AXIS that will be different from other prescriptions.  

After an eye examination, your doctor will adjust the angles according to the value to make the lenses look natural on your eye.  

How Many Different Types of Contact Lenses Are There?

Multifocal Contacts  

People who want high magnification to see things need multifocal lenses. Such lenses are mostly used by people more than 40 to see things closely and clearly. With aging eyes stiffen and it reduces the focus of the person. Multifocal lenses will help to read and see things. So, if you’re around 40 and want to see things these lenses are for you. You can get these lenses from Vision Gallery after a complete eye exam.  

Colored Lenses 

If you want to make your eyes look more visible and sparkling you can try colored, contact lenses. It adds color to your eyes and makes you look more beautiful. You can also use it for your vision correction with color contacts. These lenses are mostly used for cosmetic reasons and if you want to try them you can discuss it with your doctor. Make sure to explain all your allergy issues to the doctor to avoid any reaction.  

If you are buying it also for vision correction, you need to read your prescription and provide all the measurements to your doctor to customize your lenses. Lenses come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. But before wearing them make sure that your eyes are healthy enough for lens. 

Schedule Contact Lens Exam with Vision Gallery 

If you want to try contact lenses, you need a thorough contact lens exam to know which lens will suit your cornea. Contact lenses are a more convenient option for people who don’t want to wear eyeglasses. Call us today at 281 393 4073 to schedule you’re appointment.

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