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What Is a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

What Is a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Eyes are the essential element of the body that needs to be perfect. Whether it’s a child or an adult everyone should get their eye exam. In your last appointment, your eyes have no problem. But that was your last appointment. It is vital to get a regular eye exam to see if any issue needs medical assistance. 

The eyes are a part of the body that show us sight to see everything in our surroundings. As time passes our eyes health starts affecting. As a person grow old many eye issues start appearing that need to be checked through eye exams. In this blog, you’ll get to know what is a comprehensive eye exam. 

Moreover, eye health is essential just as your other body’s health. Without proper attention and treatment, you may start losing the vision clarity. This is why eye exams are crucial. So, if you want to know what an eye exam is and how it will be helpful, continue reading. 

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What is meant by the Comprehensive Eye Exam? 

Comprehensive eye exams are a detailed examination of your eye. It is much more in-depth than your routine checkup. A comprehensive eye exam checks the health of the eyes from all elements. A professional eye doctor also known as an ophthalmologist can examine your eye thoroughly by using its advanced equipment.  A Comprehensive eye exam consists of an acuity test, cover test, detailed perception, eye alignment, muscle examination, slit lamp test, and more. 

A doctor may be sure to check that a person doesn’t have any eye diseases such as vision loss, glaucoma, eye blindness, weak eyesight, pupil dilation, or anything that affects the process of seeing things. After evaluating your eyes’ condition, a doctor will recommend specific medication, surgeries, prescriptions, contact lenses, or eyeglasses. 

Why Is It Important to Get an Eye Exam?

An eye exam is a thorough check-up that helps to evaluate the overall health and potential issues that can become severe in the future. If you have any eye issue, whether minor or severe, you need to consult an eye doctor to perform a complete eye exam. Your doctor will conduct a thorough checkup with their different tools and tests to diagnose the issue. 

One of the critical reasons to get an eye exam is that you can detect eye diseases that ordinary people can’t find. Some issues are invisible at the start and surprisingly appear when the situation worsens. With an eye exam, you can ensure your eyes are perfect and provide proper medical attention to make it perfect for a long time. Vision Gallery provides a complete eye exam that will help you know the health of your eye. 

Get Your Eye Exam from Vision Gallery 

What You Can Expect In an Eye Exam? 

You may not realize any problem with your eyes until it appears. To know your eyes’ health your doctor will conduct different tests to check for any signs of eye disease. What you can expect in an eye exam includes the following:

  • Patient Detailed History: In your comprehensive eye exam your eye professional will take your complete medical history. He will discuss all the problems with your eyes and vision to know more about your issue. They will ask multiple questions related to your eye and body health to know your current lifestyle, medication, family history, and your medical history. 
  • Visual Acuity Assessment: After taking your medical history, the doctor will examine your eye’s visual acuity. In this assessment, the doctor will know how clear your vision is. To completely know about vision clarity, the doctor will perform a refractive test to know how far and near you can see things. 
  • Slit-lamp Examination: This examination is a thorough test to check the eye’s health. With the help of bright light, your doctor will see your complete eye which includes eyelids, sclera, cornea, and lens. 
  • Retinal Imaging: To examine your eye’s retina, your doctor will take pictures of the back of your eye through their advanced tools. The retina is an essential element that helps to see things. In this way, the doctor can examine if there is any issue in the retina that is affecting your vision. In a comprehensive eye exam, your eye will conduct this step to diagnose eye diseases or any potential issues. 

Get Your Eye Exam from Vision Gallery 

If you are experiencing some issues in your eye or you want to evaluate the overall health of the eye you need a comprehensive eye exam for it. A specialized eye professional will thoroughly examine your eye and provide proper treatment. For an eye exam, you can contact us at 281-398-4000 to schedule your appointment with our skilled eye doctor.

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