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Contact lenses: Pros and cons

Contact lenses: Pros and cons

A great number of people in the United States face the problem of weak eyesight.

When it comes to correcting your vision, there are usually two types of people: people like contacts and people who choose eyeglasses.

Despite the fact that contact lenses may be an ideal choice for a number of people, they are not a one-size-fits-all solution.

That’s why you should always assess the pros and cons of the option of vision correction, which you consider anytime.

As you get contact lenses, you can do away with glasses that can be bulky, your appearance does not change, and you can wear these during sports activities free from the fear of losing them.

Yet, they can be annoying in the eyes of some. Moreover, it is more difficult to keep them clean than ordinary eyeglasses.

Before making any decision, it is good to visit your doctor for an eye check-up so you know the pros and cons of contact lenses. 

Pros of Contact Lenses

No Vision Problems 

The main benefit of contact lenses is their capacity to offer high-quality vision. Contact lenses give you an added freedom of movement, and they are capable of providing you with a wider field of view than glasses. 

This optic system, as a natural part of the eye’s movements, assures that vision is sharp and clear without the frames being an obstacle.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Lenses are more aesthetic than glasses as they do not hide facial features nor hinder the line of sight. 

People may use contact lenses for a special occasion or simply for daily wear. They will just add to your appearance subtly, and you will be able to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Unrestricted Activities: 

Unlike the glasses, which sometimes are a challenge during physical activities or sports, contact lenses are a more convenient option for the freedom of movement. 

Whether it is sporting or other physical activities, they won’t have to deal with their glasses slipping or fogging up, and this will help them fully enjoy their activities.

Natural Vision: 

Contact lenses: Pros and cons

Lenses do not impede wearers’ vision in the way the frames do. Wearers experience the world as it is – without the boundaries set by the frames. 

This unlimited sight provides an immersive visual environment with which a driver, a reader, or a movie viewer can have a more interesting time.

Cons of Contact Lenses That You Need To Look Out For

Risk of Eye Infections:

It is highly possible that the most severe problem that people may have with contact lenses is the threat of eye infections.

Inadequate lens care, overuse, or wearing lenses past their lifetime, prior to replacement, easily leads to bacterial or fungal infections such as keratitis.

These infections are known to produce discomfort and may sometimes result in vision issues and, in the worst cases, cause irreversible damage to the eyes.

Dryness and Discomfort:

In practice, some people have complaints of dryness and discomfort with lenses on, especially when they suffer from dry eye disease or when the contacts are worn for too long.

A feeling of dryness may be a consequence of wearing contact lenses, and it may cause redness, irritation, and a sensation of grit. Thus, this can affect the visual clarity and may make it uncomfortable to wear them.

Allergic Reactions:

Some people can be allergic to the ingredients of contact lenses or for cleaning and disinfecting solutions, thus having reactions to them.

Allergies may cause itching, redness, swelling, and tearing, which are all problematic for wearing lenses and, therefore, proper eye health.

Cost and Maintenance:

Lens maintenance costs are higher for contact lenses over time compared to that of glasses.

Contact lenses are not cheap, and you will need to buy cleaning solutions, storage cases, and replacement contact lenses, the bills of which could reach a staggering amount.

Other than that, hygiene maintenance and replacing parts on time dictates whether the implant will result in complications or not, which is time-intensive and requires a lot of effort.


Contact lenses are a suitable option for almost all types of people with eyesight problems. However, people who don’t take effective care of their contact lenses might face several problems. 

It’s always better to consult a reputable eye doctor before getting contact lenses. Moreover, you should only buy lenses from Vision Gallery as we provide top-of-the-line contact lenses that last longer than others. 
Contact us today to get contact lenses that are a good fit for your needs.

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