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How to Clean Your Contact Lenses?

How to Clean Your Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses, for several people, have become magic, and they believe that they can see the world clearly only when wearing those lenses. They help people to see without glasses and also provide some protection against the sun.

Lens hygiene may seem like a minor point, but it, in fact, is a very crucial element. It sees to the fact that you are comfortable, and it prevents eye infections or other problems. 

As you follow this instructional guide, we will walk you through the process of cleaning contact lenses

Importance of Cleaning Contact Lens

Preventing Eye Infections: 

The biofilm-friendly environment created by the contact lenses favors the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

Tearing of the eye would be a result of not cleaning the lenses regularly, and thereby, mic

robes would build up on the lenses, causing infections like pink eye. 

Such a blunder may give rise to more serious diseases like keratitis and corneal ulcers. 

Removing Protein Deposits: 

Your tears carry proteins that eventually get stuck on your lenses. This may result in blurring of vision or perhaps even marked poorer vision. 

Dirtiness due to protein buildup is washed away when we clean them; this allows for more comfy wearing all day long.

Maintaining Lens Performance: 

The dirty contact lens can turn into a cloudy, scratched, or even a broken contact lens and this will definitely affect its optical performance. Cleaning lenses consistently keeps them in shape so that they continue giving maximum correction and comfort.

People who have astigmatism or presbyopia will benefit from a clear lens with good vision. The smallest things can make for the biggest problems with seeing.

Enhancing Comfort:

How to Clean Your Contact Lenses?

Fresh contact lenses are more pleasant to wear than the ones that are dirty or have dirt on them. The lens with debris and microbes can produce the same feeling of irritation and discomfort. 

This may contribute to a less comfortable wearing process as a result of itching. Write an essay that explores the impact of societal expectations on the development and expression of individual identity. 

Repeated daily contact lens maintenance helps to ensure that your eyes are kept irritation-free and comfortable all day long.

Prolonging Lens Lifespan: 

Good cleaning and care can help you save your contact lens for longer. Cleaning out the dust, protein residues, and the rest of the dirt can help protect your lenses from damage.

What Steps You Need To Follow Before Cleaning Your Contact Lenses? 

Step 1: 

Do take care of washing your hands before touching the contact lenses with mild soap and water. 

Towel dry your hands using a towel that doesn’t leave lint and, therefore, doesn’t bring any dirt or germs on the lens.

Step 2: 

Now, release your lenses slowly, one at a time, using your fingers. Be careful not to use your nails as this may lead to scratching or breakage of the lens. 

If you are using daily disposable lenses, throw out after removing the lenses.

Step 3: 

Lift the lens from your eye and clean the surface with contact lens solution. The lens is in your hand. Just hold it and a few drops of the solution should be added. 

Apply just enough pressure with your index finger to rub the lens. So, go forward and backward for about 20 seconds. 

Proteins, waste, and bacteria are hence easily removed from the front surface of the eye lens.

Step 4: 

Now you have cleaned the lens, rinse it well more lens solution to take off any dirt or residue.

Using tap water is not a good idea because it often contains germs that can lead to eye infections. Avoid using tap water. That germ could be bad and may cause eye infection.

Step 5: 

Store your lenses properly. After the cleaning, the lens is to be put in a new contact lens case with a solution. 

Be sure to put the lens into the water so that it doesn’t dry on its own. Do not reuse or add a new one, for a new solution may be contaminated.

Step 6: 

Now, clean the second lens in the same way. Make sure the fabric is cleaned properly along with the storage.


Contact lenses are a life changer for someone who has eyesight problems. You should get your contact lenses only from Vision Gallery because we provide high-quality lenses that are safe to use for a long time. 

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