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How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Contact Lenses?

How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Contact Lenses?

A large number of people use contact lenses in their daily lives. Contact lenses are known to be the best alternative for people who don’t like to wear glasses. 

However, you need to be extra careful when using contact lenses, as slight mistakes can cause damage to your eyes. 

Not only touching lenses with unclean hands but also improper hygiene while wearing contact lenses increases the risks of infection. 

Contact lenses wear out in a certain time frame. Likewise, you have to follow this timeline, or else it might not be helpful but harmful to your eyes. 

It may be as simple as eye itchiness or just plain irritation or can be as serious as eye infections, eye diseases, and dry eyes.

Because contact lenses come into contact with the fluids of your eyes, it is understandable that the materials used in manufacturing these lenses would eventually deteriorate. 

Consequently, your eyes are liable to encounter risks if you do not discard your contact lenses appropriately.

Different Types of Lenses

Most contacts in the market today are soft lenses, which range in duration for length of wear.

Daily disposable:

About 40% of all contact wearers worldwide have adopted daily disposables, and this trend is evidently expanding. 

With dailies, there are no lenses that you need to remember to take out and replace, as they are replaced with fresh lenses every day.

After consuming one or two weeks of disposable, customers get to enjoy longer wear periods compared to dailies, but still need to put them in fresh solution night after night. 

Monthly disposable

This lens is disposable and should be replaced every 30 days. The best option is to update your contacts every first day of the month. 

This will help you remember dates easily, or you may choose a specific date to do it every month. Refresh solution in which you store your item each night.

Overnight lenses

A particular form of lenses is approved for wearing during sleep. It may be replaced within a required period, which may vary from one week to 30 days. 

When Do You Need to Replace Your Contact Lens? 

Your Lenses Have Expired

No doubt that this is the most obvious thing. Really, many contact users are not stocking up contact lenses and are just using them past the expiry point.

Don’t do it! Each contact lens lasts for a certain period of time and there are many options, such as daily, weekly, and monthly. These dates are there for a reason if you take a look at them closely.

Wearing your old glasses beyond their expiration date risks stretching the frame and possibly causing harmful damage to your eye health.

You Start To Experience Itchiness and Distress 

Are your lenses modifying your vision and causing discomfort? Then, there’s something wrong. 

It goes without saying that the contact lens may catch dust and dirt debris. Therefore, you should never forget to soak it in the solution.

Lens scratches are also an important thing to keep an eye on, and you should change lenses once you see any damage to them.

How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Contact Lenses?

The Lenses are Deformed 

Any damaged contact lens with any type of breakage is an entry point for the bacteria to pass through. 

Contrary to the accepted belief, it does not provide a shield against foreign elements that may damage your eye.

No UV protection

Old contact lenses don’t have any UV protection. If you have not changed your contact lenses for a long time, they won’t provide UV protection anymore. 

Additionally, oxygen-laden air circulation decreases if the material of the old contact lenses causes delays in airflow. 

The updated models have been redesigned and improved to ensure a constant flow of oxygen and avoid harm from sun rays.

Your Eyesight Has Worsened 

If you are experiencing headaches, squinting, eye fatigue, or blurred vision, then you need to visit an eye doctor. They will replace, to correct the lens power with new glasses. Then you can buy contact lenses of that power. 


Correct care of contact lenses is essential to make sure that your eyes don’t get affected. You should only get your contact lenses from Vision Gallery because we provide different types of contact lenses that meet your needs. Contact us today to get high-quality contact lenses that meet your needs.

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